Naturopath - health coach

Improve your health, naturally. Let your body regenerate on its own, just help him.

Learn to breath, feed yourself, rest and eliminate your waste.

Optimise your life and the one of your relatives, with simple rituals, new habits.


Having a personal coach will help you to have efficient results. Whatever your symptoms are, you can optimise you well being.

Learn how to get better, in the long term.


I can advise you on many topics, but you are responsible of your acts. I am not a doctor in medicine, just a coach to train your body on the health aspect.

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General health

Feeding your body



An appointment live or on the phone cost the equivalent of 60€ and last about 1 hour.

After one hour, 1€ the minute.

(€ or equivalent)


You choose the length of your meeting, you are in charge.


The meeting will be confirmed only after the PayPal payment.

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